Camorino / Switzerland

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Kleos is a young, lively and dynamic company, focused on the office, developing furnishing solutions and space structures designed to last over time, defying banal customs and ineffective adaptations.

Office furniture

The office is comparable to a car: functional as a true work tool should be. The office is where products, services and results are developed with ever increasing speed and efficiency. Apparently always evolving, in reality its composition has not changed much over time. The modalities, the need, pressed by the technological and innovative push, must adapt. The entrepreneur, as well as the professional and the manager, makes "use" of his office to project the image of himself, giving him a dynamic, professional or elegant and efficient aura. Referring to this context, Kleos models the forms of his creations, be they chairs or desks, furniture or tables, to satisfy every clientele, even the most rigorous and demanding.

Kleos is synonymous with high quality

Kleos pairs Swiss precision with the best creativity and taste of Italian designers to deliver precise, high quality products, elegant and appropriate for every environment. Currently, Kleos' constantly growing offer includes more than forty models of office chairs, meeting rooms and reception areas, a line of technical floors. A representative collection is certainly the Kleos BB600 series, a line of guest or conference seating. The heart of Kleos elegance, the taste and value of time in daily contact. The sinuous lines are an invitation to relax, a refined design that adapts to any environment. ... More ... less

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