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KME is one of the most interesting companies internationally in the production of copper and copper alloy materials. The KME Architectural division is dedicated to the creation and application of surfaces in these materials, which are much appreciated today by architects and used for exteriors (and interiors) that want to be outside the usual standards. KME copper cladding ensures an aesthetic performance that, while remaining unchanged in quality, matures with style towards a surprising vintage effect. In particular, the company has developed two lines, TECU and TECU Design, whose products are designed to last and whose surfaces are so versatile that they can be applied in the most diverse contexts. And to complete its already wide range of products, KME also produces zinc and brass coatings.
KME was founded in Lower Saxony, Osnabrück, and from there began its journey to all of Europe and beyond. Today, in fact, the company owns 10 plants, divided between Germany, France, Italy, Spain, but also China and the United States: its worldwide expansion has made it one of the largest producers of copper, copper alloy and zinc surfaces in existence. With its considerable size, KME never stops putting the customer's needs at the centre of its Research & Development department, satisfying them with customised and innovative solutions that come from the various company divisions: the Copper Division, for pipes and laminates, and the Special Division, for products with special applications, such as seawater-resistant piping systems for offshore plants.

KME and his love of copper

Copper, once known as red gold, is one of the most frequent choices made today by architects and designers, particularly for exteriors. With the use of this metal it is, in fact, possible to "give vent" to your creativity in an original and fun way, using different surfaces, with new and surprising effects. Why copper in particular? The answer is simple: this material, for its intrinsic physical and chemical qualities of ductility and malleability, is used in many fields, from automotive to technology, without neglecting applications in the architectural field. And it is precisely these that are of particular interest to KME customers. Its versatility and the possibility of extrusion, forging, lamination, stamping make it truly unique and able to adapt in style to any surface. In addition, KME assures its customers that the entire production process is carried out transparently, in accordance with international regulations, in a working environment that is suitable for its employees, without sparing no effort to study new production techniques, efficient use of materials and, above all, environmental sustainability, in accordance with recycling and energy efficiency standards.

The architectural revolution of KME

TECU and TECU Design products are the best choice for those who want an extraordinary yield, with machining - such as drilling - difficult to achieve with other materials. Take, for example, TECU Design_Punch: this is a perforated sheet metal for exterior cladding. Thanks to the perforation, of different sizes and densities, it is possible to give the wall a particular degree of transparency and penetrability to light, arriving at a completely opaque effect. Its versatility makes it even suitable for the decoration of interior surfaces, which will acquire a remarkable dynamism, especially with the right lighting.
TECU Design_Brownished's aesthetics are different: in this case, it is a perfect surface also for interiors, whose main feature is the burnishing, i. e. the chemical treatment that accelerates the natural oxidation of copper, giving it a vintage look and sure visual impact. Elegant, with a look that oscillates between homogeneity and heterogeneity of the surface, these slabs can cover the walls of rooms in the house, as well as building signs. TECU Design_Mesh is the line in which copper is first drilled and then stretched. Light and at the same time solid, the ribbed mesh resulting from this treatment can be personalised and is designed to give the wall on which it is applied a feeling of "suspension" from the ground. In addition, thanks to the grids created, the product can be applied in front of the glass, offering original views.
TECU Design_Shape is the choice of those who love unpredictable and always different surfaces. Three-dimensionality, semi-ball punching, customizations of all kinds obtained with cantilever machining ensure the surface an unprecedented dynamism. So, here is a sudden play of chiaroscuro - with a natural oxidation that changes from square centimetre to square centimetre depending on the inclination - that gives continuous chromatic changes, for surfaces of unchanged quality, but always different in appearance! ... More ... less

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