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Karben / Germany

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The König + Neurath company was established in 1925, and is now an international full-service provider for office, seating and room systems. König + Neurath is one of Germany's biggest selling brands of office furniture. The company, which employs some 900 people, produces office furniture, seating and room systems at its headquarters in Karben. There are also seven showrooms in Germany and international branches in France, England and the Netherlands. Thanks to the fact that it boasts its own wood and metal processing facilities and a high level of vertical integration, the company has a great deal of flexibility when it comes to meeting individual customer requirements.

König + Neurath sees itself not only as a provider of modern office solutions, but also as a consulting and problem-solving service. Together with the customer, they develop ideas on how to adapt existing office conditions to accommodate increased business requirements. The structure, processes and corporate culture of the company in question are taken into account during this analysis in order to develop new and efficient office standards based on the latest workstation research findings.

Ergonomics promotes productivity

Optimising personal performance means reacting to the interests of both employees and employers, and thus optimising the working conditions for both parties. Ergonomically correct use of office furniture plays a key role even during product development. The fact is that to us, ergonomics means the perfect combination of acoustics, climate, light, design and working conditions. This is how sustainable, productive working environments are created.

Responsibility for the eco-balance

Sustainability is what defines the value chain. As a leading German manufacturer of office furniture, König + Neurath plays an exemplary role: commitment to a natural environment can be seen in numerous activities, such as utilising state-of-the-art technology for water treatment, recycling resources for heating, or using environmentally-friendly paints. König + Neurath has been following the international directives for universal environmental management consistently since 1996 and supports certification of environmentally-friendly, sustainable office concepts. ... More ... less




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