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Kristalia was established in 1994 by young entrepreneurs from Friuli who share two great passions: design and jazz. Kristalia has given special attention to innovative design projects through experimentation and searching for new technical solutions, using materials borrowed from the fields of fashion and sport. Production immediately met the needs of a public oriented towards contemporary furnishings while maintaining details and reassuring traditional styles. Kristalia began to pursue a different path and attract consumers who were particularly attentive to the aesthetic and qualitative characteristics linked to innovation in Italian and international design. In April 2008, Kristalia offers the first catalog of contract furniture, a careful selection of products for all the needs of architects and interior decorators.

Kristalia: bestsellers

Kristalia pays attention to the most innovative projects, searching new techniques and solutions and using high quality materials. Bestsellers of the company are: "Sushi" table by Bartoli Design; "Boum" chair by Monica Graffeo, winner of the Young & Design 2003 competition; "Face" chair, by Luca Nichetto; "BCN" stool, design by Harry & Camila, winner of the Good Design Award 2008. At last, Kristalia furnishes with its products the new offices of the Triennale Design Museum, at Salone del Mobile in Milano.

Kristalia, ecofriendly furniture

Kristalia strives to minimise the environmental impact of all its activities, from production processes to services. In addition, the company prefers to use renewable materials such as wood or recyclable materials such as glass, steel, polypropylene and aluminium. Kristalia uses primary aluminium to ensure the maximum quality and durability of its end products. Tables, chairs, bookcases and all other Kristalia furnishing elements and accessories are designed and made to be longlasting and resistant to physical and environmental stress, even extreme. A well-constructed piece of furniture, which does not break and stays new for a long time, can be used throughout our entire life. This means lower consumption of raw materials and energy resources to produce new furniture, less pollution during transport and less waste to take to the disposal centre.

Kristalia, designers and awards

Kristalia collaborated with the most prestigious designers and architects in the world, such as: Bartoli Design, Luca Nichetto, Neuland, Paster & Geldmacher, Patrick Norguet, Harry & Camila, LucidiPevere, Christophe Pillet, Ramos-Bassols. In 2012 Kristalia won the Interior Innovation Award for Elephant wood. ... More ... less



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