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How would a Kronoterm heat pump look in your home?
Before purchasing a heat pump, every future buyer is a bit uncertain about how the device will look in their home environment. We have created an easy way for you to place a heat pump into your home for free. By using our new Kronoterm AR app, you can easily place the heat pump directly into your home and check out its size and appearance.

This family-run company has spent the past 50 years developing its reputation among the world’s few producers of state-of-the-art heat pumps.
Today KRONOTERM is a name that is synonymous with excellence, dependability, and kindness – both to customers and to the environment.

KRONOTERM means efficient, environmentally friendly, and unquestionably reliable machines that are attracting ever more attention from all over Europe. Users can choose from a wide range of models, including boilers, heaters, and even industrial-grade heat pumps, all designed and crafted to exceed the latest EU standards. As Slovenia’s undisputed market and expertise leader, KRONOTERM also has productive collaborations with many internationally recognized companies, as well as universities and other institutions.

A Developer and Manufacturer at the Same Time

KRONOTERM is the first choice for anyone considering a heat pump. Customers know that KRONOTERM provides the very best in solutions, products, and technology that easily handle all their heating and cooling needs. In-house research, development, and production gives the company complete oversight at every step of the quality control process. This gives it the data it needs to answer any question in the blink of an eye – from planning and delivery all the way to installation and maintenance.

Impeccability – from Start to Finish

All installed KRONOTERM products are world-class solutions, tested exhaustively at our labs. Their technical perfection is seen in their efficiency and reliability, their long lifecycle, and well-designed exteriors, which make them easy to handle. Customer service makes up an important part of the KRONOTERM experience, as a team of dedicated and knowledgeable specialists is always on hand to offer users great advice and brilliant suggestions at the drop of a hat.

Always Responsive

KRONOTERM supports its users at every step – from helping them make informed decisions and advanced plans to safe installation and years of worry-free operation. We designed our own support system to help us get instantaneous information about how our products are working so we can correct errors immediately. Cloud solutions give us a special advantage here, as they let us manage our products remotely.

Inspirational Flexibility

KRONOTERM gives its customers plenty of choices, all of which solve specific problems in heating and cooling. From family homes to setting up ideal conditions for production plants and retail enterprises, KRONOTERM gives you the perfect solution and removes all worry. Our extensive knowledge lets us tailor all products, systems, and solutions to our customers’ specifications and the conditions at a given location.

Family, tradition, and insistence on excellence

This successful family enterprise had its humble beginning in a workshop founded by Rudi Kronovšek in 1976. It was here that he built his first boiler. A whole range of heat pumps followed suit, meticulously perfected over hours of Rudi’s thorough, systematic work. Week in, week out, nights, weekends, and holidays were all the same to the master craftsman, who unswervingly followed his goal of making the world’s most efficient heat pumps.

The 1990s saw his workshop transform into a proper company, which would begin developing and selling its first heat pumps on the market at the turn of the new millennium. Another milestone came in 2004, when KRONOTERM delivered its first products to the European market, and again in 2010, as Rudi’s son Bogdan Kronovšek took over the company, leading KRONOTERM time and time again to the title of “most efficient in Europe”, with accolades for its “environmentally friendly heat pumps”.
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