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Founded in Turin in 1998 by textile designers Paola, Federico and Barbara Bertoldo, l'Opificio specialises in creating and producing furnishing fabrics. Thanks to constant research inspired by the world of design and fashion, Barbara Bertoldo creates unique collections that anticipate changes in taste, free from fashions and trends. The company embodies Made-in-Italy values in the quality of its raw materials and excellent crafting and pursues its mission of becoming an ambassador of the Italian lifestyle abroad. This goal has been achieved through prestigious collaborations with top brands like Wiener WTG Design, Wilson & Morris and artists and television productions, such as the famous US series Game of Thrones. L'Opificio fabrics are made from precious yarns obtained from natural fibres like silk, linen, cotton, wool and viscose, without formaldehyde or other harmful substances. Every material that comes out of the loom undergoes rigorous and meticulous quality controls before being sold or used to make cushions, ottomans, carpets, curtains and bedding. The varied l'Opificio catalogue includes fabrics for professionals and the contract sector. L'Opificio is part of Exclusive Brands Torino, a network of companies uniting the excellence of Turin luxury.

L'Opificio, exclusive furnishing fabrics 100% Made in Italy

Refined fabrics and precious velvets lie at the heart of l'Opificio collections, designed for elegant and trendy interiors. All products are suitable for upholstering cushions, sofas, armchairs, ottomans and chairs, or creating curtains and furnishing accessories. The Architrame collection, designed by the Lanzavecchia + Wai studio, is a jacquard textile in different patterns inspired by architectural elements and includes Architrame Scale, Architrame Torri and Architrame Facades. Collaboration with architect and Interior Stylist Bruno Tarsia led to the Relief collection in a jacquard fabric produced with the ancient Gobelin technique. Different yarns and colour gradations create architecturally inspired patterns with a three-dimensional effect. Relief is available in 9 colourways from natural and intense shades to sumptuous gold and classic black and grey. The Alpine Interiors line includes the Juì, Alpage, Cottage and Peace collections featuring alpine-inspired motifs with a contemporary feel. The sophisticated and precious raw linen and Merino wool textiles are suitable for furnishing mountain hotels and chalets. The Riviera line is perfect for seaside contexts. Made of a linen and cotton blend, the fabric collections come in different shades of blue and turquoise, red and orange, combined with natural hues and motifs inspired by Portuguese azulejos. Distinguished by precious metal inserts, the Bloom collection is inspired by the Far East. Bloom Ginko features stylised ginkgo leaf motifs in delicate gold and silver jacquard weaves, available in 9 background colourways. Bloom Ikat takes its cue from an ancient dyeing technique used in Asian countries. The warp yarn is unevenly dyed to create a fabric with a distinctive appearance and recognisable aesthetics. The insertion of gold threads gives the material a touch of refinement and ethereal elegance.

L'Opificio's fine velvets for luxury interiors

L'Opificio's furnishing velvets, to which the company dedicates particular attention, are designed for luxury interiors. Velvet is the quintessential luxury fabric celebrated for its incomparable softness and iridescent sheen. The company's velvet collections are made from a variety of fibres and offer more than 200 colourways. Designed for the contract sector, Nofire plain velvets are fire retardant, complying with European safety standards. Made of Trevira, a soft and durable polyester velvet, they are available in 22 colourways. Also intended for the contract and residential sectors, Tech velvet is distinguished by its high performance; oil and water repellent, it is resistant to wear, pilling, light and mildew. Soft and enveloping, l'Opificio's cotton velvets are made from the finest cotton. Thanks to their extraordinary resistance and matt texture, they can elegantly furnish less formal and sophisticated environments, while the rich palette of 60 colours offers countless design possibilities. The linen velvet collection results from a long process of refinement of a complex production process due to the woody nature of the fibre. The resulting fabric is soft, comfortable, opaque and robust, capable of absorbing dye to create intense colours in 29 shades. Bright and shiny, viscose velvet has a silk velvet look and is crease-resistant thanks to its High Performance treatment. No fabric can match silk velvet for its brilliance and iridescence. Designed for classic and sophisticated interiors, l'Opificio's silk velvet is available in 40 colours. The top of the line is the Kid Mohair collection, made with a rare yarn obtained from the first shearing of Angora goats. Lustrous and soft, Kid Mohair velvet is also resistant and fireproof, thanks to the intrinsic characteristics of the Mohair wool. It is available in 8 colour variants, 4 of which are natural; the others include rich and opulent blue, emerald green, red and aubergine, enhancing the fabric's lustre.

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