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Cittadella / Italy

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La Calce del Brenta is an Italian company specialising in lime finishes, plasters, undercoats and building insulation. It all began in 1920 on the banks of the Brenta River in the province of Padua when Cristiano de Toni built a kiln to extract lime from river pebbles. Today, the family business represents one of the rare cornerstones of local tradition. The raw material and production process has remained unchanged for a century. Few but significant innovations have been introduced over the company's long history, such as special waterproof and pollution-resistant finishes or the Duo Concept ventilated façade. Lime is a natural material with many virtues, requiring no special additives. La Calce del Brenta has obtained NaturePlus® certification for its attention to the environment, for its Vivasan wall paint and its production chain. The company also pays particular attention to aesthetics, especially colours, which are also nature-based and silicate-free. A passion for architecture and tradition led to the creation of the Historical Colour Repertoire, in which the company has collected over 500 colours used in the plasters of Veneto cities. The Municipality of Padua used this impressive sample book to draw up the Colour Plan for the facades of its historic centre. This prestigious collaboration is just one of the brand's exceptional realisations, which include the restoration of the Quirinale Palace stables, the Sacro Volto Church in Turin with architect Mario Botta, the Paganini Auditorium in Parma designed by Renzo Piano and the Etruscan museum in Milan with architect Mario Cucinella.

Traditional, natural and ecological lime finishes

The lime finish, abandoned over the last fifty years in favour of acrylic resin or silicate-based paints, is making a comeback because of its countless qualities. Thanks to its certified zero-CO2-emission production cycle, and its composition with a very low VOC (heavy chemicals or solvents) content, La Calce del Brenta finishes are natural and ecological. Slaked lime prevents the formation of mould and the proliferation of microbes due to its high basic pH (pH 13). Finally, lime naturally regulates humidity. Vivasan exterior and interior wall paint is the catalogue's top product. It is a seasoned slaked lime that is UNI 9805 certified for its anti-mould action; it is classified A+ for the absence of harmful substances and, in white, is included in the NaturePlus®, Anab and Icea certified green building products. The Continuum finish derives from an innovative formulation that allows rapid application, suitable for walls and floors. Continuum provides surfaces with a contemporary mood, thanks to the particular intensity of the colours and the velvety soft-touch texture, in both smooth and rough versions. The Contrasto finish is composed of a lime putty base and micro-marble with mixed grain size, giving a rough surface with powerful aesthetics. It is available in three colours, White, Granite and Lava, the latter for interior use only. The Intonachino line increases the grain size of the mix by one degree. It comes in the Vivastile Intonachino line, with fine and coarse grain, and Intonachino Puntinato, characterised by medium grain size and micro-marble and coloured grits. In addition to the pigmenting pastes made with colours in the Vivacolore line, La Calce del Brenta offers various decorative possibilities with its Vivaldi® system - from the Vivaldi® Stucky mineral stucco, for smooth and luminous Venetian stucco walls, to Vivaldi® Petra, with its six material effects.

Duo Concept, the ventilated façade according to La Calce del Brenta

Developed by La Calce del Brenta's R&D department, the Duo Concept panel system is both innovative and traditional at the same time. The panels allow the construction of ventilated façades and guarantee high thermal insulation in summer and winter. Composed solely of natural materials, it is 100% recyclable. The patented system is fireproof and consists of a rock wool panel, a corrugated aluminium sheet forming the ventilated cavity, and an exterior finishing panel. Airflow is activated both vertically and horizontally by ventilation chimneys at the base and top, preventing the formation of moisture, and heat loss or gain. The revolutionary aspect lies in the opening and closing device of the ventilation chimney located at the panel's base, modulating airflow according to season by opening the cavity in summer and closing it in winter. While rock wool performs the function of acoustic insulation, the aluminium barrier reduces solar radiation. Tests show that, even with exceptionally high outdoor temperaturs, interiors remain constant at around 26°C. ... More ... less

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