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Caserío San Juan de Moró / Spain

Land Porcelanico, a company belonging to the Aparici Group, is engaged in the manufacture and commercialization of high-quality technical porcelain in an environmental friendly manner. We strive to keep on being a top reference in terms of technical porcelain to architects, developers and interior designers worldwide.

With a state-of-the-art production plant, together with our more than 50 years of experience as manufacturers, our products are especially indicated for projects seeking not only design, but also quality that will prove, in the short and in the long term, to be a good investment due to the excellent durability and low maintenance requirements.

Our products are suitable for residential as well as commercial projects -that range from shopping centres to airports- due to its high technical characteristics. In addition to great design and quality, our teams work hard to provide a service that is very appreciated among our clients. We keep stock of over three million square meters of our products permanently within a covered warehouse in our premises in order to provide really short lead times.

The environment has always been a priority at Land Porcelanico. Following the standards set by ISO 14001, the production processes are conducted in the most efficient way possible enabling as much as a 54% recycled content in some products.

Our main showroom in Spain welcomes architects, developers and interior designers all year round. This space is dedicated to present our collections as well as our technical solutions for indoor and outdoor, customizable to each project. ... More ... less

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