Larose Guyon

Verchères / Canada

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Based near Montréal, Larose Guyon is a lighting design studio who harmonizes the manipulation of luxury materials with formal sobriety,  to yield original and outstanding high end lighting fixtures overseen to the last detail.

It is in 2014 that the paths of Audrée et Félix cross. Having evolved independently on their parallel paths of environmental and industrial design, we find them today as two amorous designers. They combine their joint visions to offer simple, elegant yet functional objects.  Through a romantic aesthetic, Audrée et Félix infect our daily lives with a poetic beauty captured in every luxurious object that has been coated with warmth and humility.

It is with a discernible approach to refinement and distinction that Larose Guyon is inspired by art, nature, past periods and traditions. It is then, stamped with love, that they visualize, draw and build objects reflecting their vision with the expert assistance of local artisans and expertise. ... More ... less



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