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Amsterdam / Netherlands

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Le Feu is a Danish company that was established in 2017. Iconic Danish design, flexibility and environmental approach have given the bio fireplaces from Le Feu an overwhelmingly positive reception in the market, and today are currently sold in 17 countries worldwide. We are especially interested in presenting sustainable quality products that enhance a carefree lifestyle. From our home base in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, we cooperate with brands, architects and designers from different parts of the world.

The eco-friendly fireplace

One of the key products in our range is “Le Feu”, the mobile, ecofriendly fireplace with a luxurious look and feel. Real flames, a comfortable warmth and: no chimney required. Easy to use, whether inside or outside, Le Feu means clean design allover. Definitely an eyecatcher, it burns on bio-ethanol and leaves no heavy fumes or smoke. Le Feu is therefore an improvement to the environment and a save, warm alternative to traditional fireplaces! ... More ... less

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