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For over 40 years Lema has been an Italian excellence in the world of furnishing with its two divisions Lema Casa and Lema Contract. The company core business is built upon day systems and modular bookshelves that can be customized, and that include Selecta, the load-bearing side panel system. Tradition and innovation blend with one another in its collections which are fully Made in Italy and establish Lema as one of the Italian leaders in the manufacturing sector, the perfect union of technology and tradition, artisan know-how and industrial production. The latter is entirely controlled at each step, from the choice of row materials to the manufacturing and packaging of the final product. Thanks to a vast variety of finishes, sizes and materials, Lema gives an opportunity to customize every furnishing element for a perfectly tailor-made outcome, to almost look “sartorial”.

Lema and the Armadio al Centimetro

The company was born in the Brianza district in the ‘70s thanks to the entrepreneurial wit of the Meroni family. Already back in the ‘30s the forefather Angelo started off a small artisan workshop for the manufacturing of classic style furniture. In the ‘50s the economic boom and the collaboration with renowned architects and designers enabled the Meroni family to inaugurate a shop in Milan. The company launched a fully-fledged industrial production in the ‘70s in the Alzate Brianza facility, hosting the Casa division as of today. Between the late ‘70s and the early ‘80s, Lema collaboration with the famous designer Tito Agnoli resulted into the launching of Lo Scaffale, the first modular day system which gained considerable success for its flexibility ad adaptability. In the same years the Armadio al Centimetro, the first wardrobe modular system, was born; easy to be assembled and custom-made, it is available in a wide range of finishes, materials and accessories. A wardrobe to be actually planned to the centimeter, according to personal needs; it is available with hinged, sliding or coplanar doors. In the ‘90s the need rose for the opening of a new plant in Giussano. Planned by Angelo Mangiarotti, it hosts today the Lema Contract division. It was in those years that Piero Lissoni became the company art director, by coordinating the team of designers with whom Lema has collaborated - to name some of them, Christophe Pillet, Nendo, Francesco Rota, Gordon Guillaumier.

Lema systems for the living and the night area

With its wide range of solutions, Lema has a comphrehensive offer for the house, from the day systems to the night area. Its collections leitmotif is comfort, along with the sophistication of the numerous finishes and the refinement of the materials used. Only top-notch wood, metal and glass are processed to shape exclusive and enduring contemporary collections, where the connection between artisan manufacturing and technology is made crystal clear. Lema was the first brand in Italy to propose modular solutions to be fully customized based on the needs and tastes of its customers. Environments furnished by Lema are simple and elegant, made up with elements able to adapt to any house and style. In 2013, as a completion to the Casa line, Lema debuted on the scene of upholstery by launching a line of sofas and armchairs with plain and comfortable lines. LEMA Air Cleaning System patent, instead, dates to 2017; this is an innovative wardrobe internal system capable of sanitizing the items stored therein and of reducing bed odours by 90%.
Lema Contract division is of no less importance. The company is currently the choice for many architects and professionals to furnish public spaces, hotels, company quarters and much more. As a matter of fact, Lema can create ad hoc solutions, modeled on the spaces of destinations, not only for what relates to aesthetics, but also functionality. Lema philosophy "You think, We Make" perfectly sums up the capacity of the company to bring to life custom-made solutions that can be tailored from the point of view of the components, materials and size. Lema also offers a full customer care service also providing the evaluation of time and costs of manufacturing, the project feasibility and after-sale assistance. Furthermore, Lema is present around the world with a thick sales network spread over 50 countries, over a thousands selling points and numerous flagship stores in main word capitals – New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Beijing, Taiwan, Melbourne, London. ... More ... less

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