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LIGNIS® applies the traditional wood inlays technique to contemporary furnishing accessories giving them exclusivity and personality. LIGNIS® products are entirely designed and produced in Italy, as a result of the deep knowledge of rare and precious wood species combined to the craftsmanship experience with natural materials. Wall clocks, decorative panels, mirrors and wall hangers reinterpret classical marquetry with a fresh and modern design, an ancient technique made of time and dexterity, bringing back soul and personality to our contemporary living environments.
LIGNIS® is born from a heritage of knowledge, industrialization and craftsmanship, built since 1979 with bases on passion, experience and daily commitment.
LIGNIS® is the history of our affection to wood, the result of a passionate project that applies the experience of two generations in wood processing to create contemporary objects for home with a marked emotional value.
LIGNIS® is born from a heritage of knowledge, industrialization and craftsmanship built since 1979, with bases on passion, experience and daily commitment.


LIGNIS® products are 100% made in Italy. The whole process, from design to production, is completely performed in Italy. Know-how, creativity, excellence in production and details, search for beauty, reliability of the product and seriousness in service are the values of Italian products known all over the world that can be found in each LIGNIS® product.


The quality of LIGNIS® products is made of commitment, continuous seeking for improvement, history and craftsmanship that make every single piece unique. LIGNIS® reinvents in a creative way the classic wooden inlay through design objects made of natural materials, beautiful and rare wood species. Playing with veins, knots, spots, LIGNIS® products enhance the materials in their natural characteristics to furnish the rooms in a cozy, but always modern way. Design, made in Italy, together with craftsmanship and tradition are the key words of our daily work.


Wood is an extraordinary material that exists naturally in many different varieties. LIGNIS® objects live in the most precious and rare wood species, applied in their natural color or dyed.


Each LIGNIS® product is the result of the work of expert hands who dedicate time and passion to choose, cut and assembly natural materials by hand. The artisan that performs a LIGNIS® product transfers to the object a part of himself, giving a sense of creativity and humanity to his own work. For this reason, choosing LIGNIS® means to donate to our indoor environments a unique product, never equal to any other one, made by authentic people for authentic people.



At each color change of a LIGNIS® object corresponds a different material, a single piece of veneer, sometimes really small, jointed to the other with patience and ability. 0,6 mm thin veneers are chosen one by one basing on the grain characteristics and on the most suitable colors for every single product. With the precision of the laser cut the pieces of wood are cut out and then joined together by hand, like a puzzle, respecting the sense of the wood grain. A back support is applied on the inlayed composition before it is pressed with a heating method. Once the surface is refined, polished and brushed by hand, a 3-coat water-based paint is used for a natural, matt finish.


The wooden panel surface is engraved for a few tenths of a mm deep creating tiny furrows that will be filled by hand with the stucco. The color of the plaster is created specifically for every single product, in order to obtain the best combination with the color of wood. When laying 3 coats of plaster, there’s a next step of polishing and finishing touch of the surface by hand.


All the Capriccio bas-relief details are made from a single sheet of wood veneer, cut, back supported, and pressed with heating technique and then strictly glued by hand on a previously inlaid panel, creating a three-dimensional effect with small shadows on the surface of the decorative panel.


Furnish your home with real wood LIGNIS® products, available from our e-store and choose your favorite Dolcevita decorative panel, mirror or wall clock, Inverso hangers and Capriccio bas-relief decorative panel! ... More ... less

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