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Argenta / Italy

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Linvisibile is an exclusive patented flush-to-wall door system that eliminates jambs, cover frames and visible hinges. At Linvisibile, the door is no longer a constraint or design limitation but becomes a new opportunity to develop creative potential, thanks to a rich catalog of dimensions, forms and finishes. All Linvisibile products are characterized by adjustable concealed hinges and the absence of frames providing absolute continuity between wall and door. Paint, plaster or decoration can be uninterrupted, or the wall can become the star of the space so that "the invisible" becomes visible. Colors, woods, and exceptional finishes offer designers a wide range of options. Superior quality wood gives prestige to any space, while the lacquers are available in a wide range of glossy or matte colors (in the RAL Classic K5 palette). The metallic laminate is a most striking material, while the decorative laminate can satisfy elevated aesthetic requirements. It is also possible to choose an anodizing treatment for all products with metal frames to finish the aluminum with a protective oxide layer to give it an original color while protecting it from corrosion.

The design freedom of flush-to-wall Linvisibile products

Perfectly flush Linvisibile doors allow designers to express their architectural ideas without obstacles or interruptions. This new freedom is made possible by the Linvisibile products that disappear into the architectural surface of the wall. The modular Brezza system allows tremendous design freedom. The number of doors and finishes can vary every building facade. Brezza Zefiro System is a vertical pivot door system placed side by side for partitioning rooms with walls that function as screens. They are light, manageable and perfect for those situations in which absolute separation between the two spaces is unnecessary. Doors can be made of wood and MDF with or without a paintable aluminum frame. Designers can also request only the frames that can be completed with made-to-order panels produced according to Linvisibile specifications. The Brezza Titanio System offers vertical pivot products with side-by-side multi-panels totally flush with the wall, ideal for dividing large rooms without resorting to traditional partitions.

The perfect flush-to-wall system for hinged and sliding doors

FILO 10 swing doors belong to the Alba collection; they allow for perfectly flush-to-the-wall doors on both sides of a wall – even when using swing doors - with a perimeter gap between panel and wall of only 3 mm. The Infinito door system offers multiple decorative finishes. The panels can be made in any color and many different materials from the more traditional glass and laminates to the less-used fiberglass, methacrylate, porcelain, micro-cements, metal, stone, leather or fabric. They are ideal for private and commercial spaces, thanks to their 30-minute fire-resistant certification, which makes them excellent for use in public contexts; it is also possible to get the hinged doors in a curved version for endless applications.
Giulio Cappellini has designed two sliding systems for Linvisibile; they are the first room division systems with visible sliding assemblies and no containment pocket. Altopiano and Marechiaro offer new functional and stylistic solutions for architects and designers. Both lines can be fastened to the floor, ceiling or a support beam. The more elegant Altopiano offers a wide range of natural or lacquered wood finishes. Marechiaro has a metal frame that can support different kinds of panels in wood, glass, metal or fabric.

Boiserie, skirting systems and flush-with-the-wall niches

The boiserie system is ideal for people who want to match walls and doors. Perfect continuity is achieved by an exclusive 3-millimeter veneer, so that the door can become one with its wall. Linvisibile offers the possibility of inserting flush-mounted skirting boards for an elegant and modern effect. To achieve this, preparation is made during masonry construction, even before wall plastering and floor installation, a detail that makes any space even more refined. Finally, Nicchio is a patented panel system that can be used to create storage spaces, closets, and niches. It can also mask control panels, electrical ducts and other elements that might disturb the visual composition of any room. ... More ... less

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