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Listone Giordano is one of the most structured and appreciated companies in the parquet landscape, both for outdoor and indoor floors. The company works to offer a product without imitations, the result of the use of certified raw materials, designed for all lovers of quality, who want a parquet with these characteristics to be present in a unique place like their own home. Listone Giordano has been able to revolutionize the world of wood flooring and become a worldwide symbol of excellence in the creation of precious floors with a strong sustainable identity. In 1983, Guglielmo Giordano created an ingenious innovation in the world of wood flooring: the traditional solid wood parquet is revolutionized thanks to a new technology, able to give the plank stability, precision, reliability, beauty, durability and ecology, the keywords of the success Listone Giordano. The company’s production is 100% made in Italy, characterized by the passion of the people who work to create an authentic product with the objective of offering a product of the highest quality, for the processing and the raw materials used. The difference of this new lath is contained in a special support, entirely made of birch wood, with micrometric frames and cross-sections, which can make this parquet much more resistant and therefore durable over time.

The three souls of the parquet Listone Giordano

Listone Giordano has a success story behind it, made and guaranteed by people as well as by the product. At its historic headquarters in Miralduolo, all production phases of the three collections are followed with care and attention to detail. The Classica collection is characterized by elegance and modernity, it is given by excellence in the creation of precious wood floors and characterized by the large sizes, the many color shades of certified oak, natural finishes and customizable laying patterns. Among the many, the oak pavements include Rovere Montblanc, Grigio Marino, Grigio Argilla, which are characterized by a mixed vein, homogeneous color and the presence of small knots.
The Atelier collection looks to the future without neglecting the traditional Italian craftsmanship and the culture of ancient wood. It is characterized by craftsmanship and memory of the past, which merge in the different veins of Oak wood shaped by nature, to give back to each list a unique surface, which is different from all the others. All Héritage Filigrana Atelier's are the spokesman of knowledge applied to the elegance of French certified Oak, a value dedicated to all those who love the living material of wood and its deepest grain. Among these are Héritage Filigrana Firenze and Héritage filo di lama Montalcino, characterized by the typical nature of the flamed veining obtained by the presence of knots and the special processes carried out, which determine the formation of cracks that may not even be grouted. The Natural Genius collection consecrates parquet to the world of contemporary design and revolutionizes the world of wooden floors thanks to prestigious international names in Italian design. Collections revamp the wood surface, transforming it into a green-minded furnishing system with the use of certified raw materials. The Perigal linen flooring was created in 1994 as a result of the encounter between the wood heritage of Listone Giordano and the unmistakable stylistic figure of the Paola Lenti company. The result is an original wooden flooring, inspired by the famous theorem and its ingenious geometric representation.
Biscuit is a wooden flooring that is influenced by the international signature of Patricia Urquiola, who produces a collection focusing on the rediscovered decorative vocation of parquet as well as on the concept of softness, a peculiar feminine trait, offering soft lines to the forms of wood that give life to a refined composition of textile recalls.

The exterior flooring Giordano Listone, between technology and design

The outdoor flooring has allowed Listone Giordano to fully express the innovation and excellence that have characterized the Company since its birth. All the woods from the Listone Giordano Outdoor collections are perfect for outdoor use thanks to their high resistance to mechanical stress and the high content of natural extracts, which ensure the products' stability and durability over time. The collections Listone Giordano Frassino and Listone Giordano Teak are examples of this. They feature high-tech outdoor wooden floors and construction solutions that can furnish open spaces according to different needs and solutions, ensuring maximum security and uniqueness. This range features woods that are highly resistant to weathering and, thanks to an innovative construction system, offers long-lasting residential floors.
Listone Giordano Marine Teak, on the other hand, is an innovative outdoor solution with outdoor floors that can amplify the pleasure of living outdoors and create environments in harmony with the interior. An exclusive wood such as Teak has intrinsic characteristics of external resistance and a unique construction system, patented by the Company to make floors that last over time. The finishing process also ensures a uniformly distributed protection on the surface and free of the risks due to the application at work during the summer period. ... More ... less

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