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Litokol, whose name derives from the Greek word "lithos" meaning stone, is an Italian company established in 1968. Litokol's mission is to promote, on a global scale, innovative solutions for professionals in the sector of building and design. This requires tireless research into new products that can meet the needs of countries with different construction techniques and climatic conditions. Litokol's distribution network has gradually expanded both in Italy and abroad with a comprehensive range of products and solutions that has grown in line with the company's structure. Litokol, at its 20,000 sq.m base in Rubiera (RE), owns various laboratories, two automated storage systems, a training center, an exhibition room and offices for its sales and administrative division. The company has also a distribution network that extends throughout Italy and in over 90 countries world-wide. It directly targets strategic markets such as China, Russia, Ukraine and Armenia to reach the Eurasian market with ease. Due to its gradual process of internationalization over the years, exports now account for 80% of Litokol's turnover and the company has direct relations with commercial companies and production facilities in 4 countries. ... More ... less



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