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LOEHR is a Berlin-based design label founded by the three brothers David, Leon and Julian Löhr. The collection of products consists of designs that are formally influenced by architectural categories, constructive methods and the functional language of modernism. The dissolution of typologies, new views on spaces for living and working, as well as an aesthetically contemporary materiality and expression are at the core of the design ethos of LOEHR.

However, the brand also sees itself as a platform to integrate the work of independent authors, designers, architects or artists in the form of commissions, cooperations and editions. Furniture and objects by LOEHR are created in a constructive interplay of force, planes and materials. Reduced to the essential, they reveal their radical nature in the detail, challenging senses and perception. For people, who change perspective.

All products are exclusively made in Germany with a selected network of partners. The focus is on a definition of sustainability that considers the environmental factors of materials and how they are processed, the quality of manufacturing, as well as the social and economic conditions of production. Short transport routes and personal contact with the partners allow for a particular flexibility, which makes it possible to also implement custom-made products, modifications or project-specific solutions. ... More ... less

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