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Iserlohn / Germany

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LUCTRA® has set out to provide the best possible working light. No matter where you are – light is one of the most vital factors of daily life. Light makes things visible. It helps us with our daily work. Good light illuminates things, but scientists have discovered that it can do much more. Good light ensures a well-balanced daily rhythm, it makes us happy, successful and even slim. It sounds far-fetched but it's true! Good light supports both periods of activity and periods of rest. Good light ensures sufficient sleep and everything else falls into place almost automatically. The best light is natural sunlight but for those who can’t get enough of that every day, there is biologically effective artificial light. Light provided by innovative LED technology and presented in a timeless, award-winning design, which can be flexibly adjusted to individual needs and operated intuitively as well. May we introduce LUCTRA®. ... More ... less



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