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Porto / Portugal

Maami Home is a minimalist furniture brand founded in 2016 in Portugal, but it was in the fall of 2020 that the project was relaunched with an entirely new collection of exclusive marble objects for the home in the Living, Bath and Kitchen categories. Marble stone, of various origins, is the leading figure in all Maami Home’s work. Historically connected with manifestations of grandeur, marble is incorporated into objects that demonstrate the material’s versatility - strong, yet elegant, raw, but sophisticated, subtle, but impressive. The project was founded by Sérgio Costa and is deeply rooted in the work of artisans with an experience that spans generations. “Interior design has always been present in my life.

The story of my family, and my father in particular, goes through the connection to construction and also to metalwork and carpentry. The latter is, by the way, one of the arts and crafts that we currently value most and we believe it brings differentiated value to the project. We can summarize Maami Home in three variables: expertise and know-how associated with the family's transgenerational knowledge; passion for minimalist and functional design; and the ability to bring together the best professionals in the arts of design, prototyping, production and finishing”, says Sérgio Costa. At Maami Home each series is designed to have everything that really matters, and, for that reason, there is no place for the superficial, nor for the decorative without function. Every choice is aligned with a purpose and intentionality. Creating objects with a purpose and using marble as the masterpiece of a story and unique narrative. Maami Home's Bath, Kitchen and Living series reveal the aesthetic sensibility of expert craftsmen, emphasizing the natural material as being capable of providing physical and visual comfort. ... More ... less

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