Milano / Italy

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The idea behind Makris.
Makris is real concept, design and invention jewel -- entirely made in Italy, a product of passion and skill, and an expression of technological innovation applied to design. With its custom design concept, Makris is the ultimate brand and an ideal expression of Imoon’s business philosophy. Imoon is a leader in professional lighting design for the retail sector.

Makris provides unique products, solutions designed and constructed with its partners and customers, genuine projects launched to enhance through light. Makris offers an innovative standard for retail sales.

Generated by an idea that allows original development and interpretations, Makris provides the freedom to create new forms for innovative solutions, and much more. Makris enhances every brand’s personal experience of light with fixtures of various types. It is made by expert designers, following a consistent and concerted approach to the initial creative concept. The most suitable materials and components are chosen for each project to effectively convey the brand’s style and personality. ... More ... less



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