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In a small craftsman labBorn in 1965 thanks to Giorgio Martini, founder and still owner of the company, in a small artisan workshop in the Verona furniture district, Martini Interiors has distinguished itself right away for the use of high quality raw materials and for the class and elegance of the product proposed. The initial production linked exclusively to the world of kitchens has been expanded in its proposal from the mid-70s, with the introduction of the living rooms and bedrooms with complete sets of matching pieces to be combined at will, which over time has become an additional element of pride.The specialization in custom furniture and the creation of customized projects have made Martini Interiors one of the major leaders in the high-level classic furniture segment, till representing the craftsmanship of Italian furniture in the most prestigious houses in the world.

Martini Interiors is constantly looking for new sectors of expansion that allow the best expression of the company artistic and manufacturing potential and here is when, Simona, Arianna and Serena, Giorgio's three daughters, come in. The second generation of the company, visionary and ready to expand the horizons towards ever wider boundaries. A significant step forward, which has given Martini Interiors a strong international imprint: the furnishings has become total living projects and this set the beginning of important collaborations with international architecture and interior studios, which have opened the doors to increasingly ambitious projects: from custom-made furnishings to custom total home projects.

The evolution continues with the expansion of the products range and new catalogs, with the aim of meeting the taste of increasingly attentive, sophisticated, aware and technological customers. Faithful to the principle of tailoring and customization, Martini Interiors has extended its operational sphere to the residential contract sector. This operation has made the company even more flexible and capable of satisfying every furnishing eed, In 2018 Martini Interiors inaugurated its new showroom in the heart of Verona where the commercial area is, while 2019 saw the opening of a new headquarters for the company, in Bovolone, in the province of Verona.

Made in Italy excellence, expertise as a result of constant research and innovation, tailoring, customization and customer care, these are the values that distinguish Martini Interiors and that have made its proposal unique. Martini Interiors does not simply create furnishings, but personalized projects that expertly blend tradition and modernity together and that can be translated into an unmistakable vibe. Thanks to its creative and technical skills, Martini Interiors combines different elements, finding the trait d’union that gives class and elegance to the whole house. A careful selection of materials, in which the protagonist is wood, coming from controlled deforestation plantations and enhanced by finishes and treatments with nontoxic adhesives.

That of Martini Interiors is a story of Italian passion that has origin in the culture of craftsmanship and of made with care, where time is not an element to be challenged but to be enjoyed in order to obtain the best results. ... More ... less

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