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Founded in 1981 by Paolo Masiero and Marilena Pellizzato, Emme Pi Light - Masiero Group is a leading company in the top-range decorative lighting market. The Headquarters in Casale sul Sile, a few kilometers from Venice, house both commercial and executive offices as well as production and storage.
Tradition and innovation merge in MASIERO philosophy, creating designs of huge artistic value, exclusively and proudly made in Italy.
MASIERO has become a reference brand, present in all international markets, displayed in the best showrooms all around the world.

Made in Italy

The brand MASIERO incorporates three different collections called CLASSICA, ECLETTICA and OTTOCENTO, with different features and well defined targets on specific markets. All creations comes from the experience of MASIERO "craftsmen of light".
In-house designers and external studies ideas meet the skilled hands of over 40 professionals who care for each piece, from the metal frame production to components assembly and electrical testing, from painting to decorative finishing, with the same passion that is driving MASIERO through over 30 years.
Each MASIERO product is a valuable, elegant and absolutely exclusive piece of art, fully embracing the philosophy of "tailoring of light".


Over the years MASIERO has evolved with the use of new materials like wood, methacrylate or Bassano ceramics.
Innovative aesthetic parameters have been introduced, with more modern and advanced forms, but with a simple language, able to preserve a strong connection with classical roots and history. The creations are born from matter processed and turned into art: iron, brass and steel frames, silk organza, Shantung Le Bock, Ponge and polyester for lampshades, Asfour crystal, Bohemia and glittering Swarovski for the pendants. ... More ... less

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