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MEMEDESIGN is a young and dynamic Italian company, based in Rimini, specialized in the design and production of colourful interior design objects and furnishings. The main aim is to create everyday use functional objects but designed with so much creativity to amaze, amuse and to be the protagonists of the space they are inserted in. USEFUL, TRENDY AND NEVER BANAL: this is the company philosophy in a difficult market sometimes lacking of ideas. The modern and contemporary design, by soft and sinuous shapes, sometimes even seductive, that fits very well into all the living styles, has caught the attention of Italian and foreign customers, media and influencers. A minimalist style characterized by no excesses but with an obsessive care of details and the necessity do not have edges or visible screws. A total MADEINITALY, both for planning and design, made with love, passion and expertness. The cheerful and nice spirit typical of the region of origin becomes visible through the color, the dominant motive of the whole collection, to be chosen among a lively and rich range of 15 colors, constantly updated every year on the base of the fashion trends. In addition to its design and quality MEMEDESIGN differs from its competitors for 4 characteristics: - Delivery of each product in 15 days - No minimum order - High number of colors - Customized projects and contract From this year the outdoor collection is also available, a collection that MEMEDESIGN imagines as a true wonderland garden, 100% MADEINITALY. The main protagonist is always the colourful metal along with other innovative materials as highly performing fibers and lightweight concrete. Moreover MEMEDESIGN wants to give space to the innovative ideas and passions of the young designers who can give something more to the products with multi-cultural vocation. MEME name comes from Memetics, the modern science that studies “memes”, the unit of measurement of ideas in the society. So the company mission is written also in the name, innovating the idea that rigid materials can be bent creating a joyful and nice product, suitable for people of different ages and styles. The second aim is fusion, combining different materials to create unusual and singular combinations. ... More ... less


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