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For several years, Belgian manufacturer Metalfire has been designing and producing high-quality open and closed fireplaces, offering a unique range of more than 100 appliances.
The characteristic feature of the Metalfire collection is the inspirational design, which has influenced the entire fireplace market for some years. Unlike other brands, a Metalfire fireplace is designed with aesthetics in mind, a search for beauty and a preference for unity and peace in the architecture of the whole home and interior. Design and technology are always central to the concept of the fireplaces. Our fireplaces are therefore all designed with a combination of the sleek design and the technical features that comply with today’s and future standards. Because of its preference for pure details, simplicity of materials and a sleek style, Metalfire’s creations are first and foremost design products, both in the extensive standard range and, of course, in the numberless opportunities for options and custom work. This results in a product that fits perfectly in every interior, every wall and every piece of furniture. Thanks to the versatile custom options, surrounds and extensions, a fireplace acquires the personal signature of the architect or interior designer, subtly complementing the design of the interior as a whole.
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