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Hamburg / Germany

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Midgard - founded 1919 by Curt Fischer - Inventor of adjustable lighting - produces its lighting collections midgard modular, K831 and the spring-balanced lamp until now on original tools completely in Germany. Midgard lamps are defined by their superior functionality, quality and design and found many admirer.

Amongst them Walter Gropius who used Midgard lamps for his private use as well as the Bauhaus.
When the Bauhaus moves into its new buildings in Dessau in 1926, Numerous Midgard lamps are among the fixtures. Masters and students find their precise, machine-like aesthetic both modern and motivating.

On the occasion of Midgards anniversary year the Lenklampe TYP 113, which the Bauhaus has been equipped with, will be manufactured again.

With AYNO - the first design of a new Midgard lamp since the 1960s, the industrial designer Stefan Diez is testing the boundaries between the origin and status quo of adjustable lighting.
The draft seeks a completely independent and modern way of approaching the subject - formal as well as in technical terms.

100 years of lighting history find continuation as intended by Curt Fischer. ... More ... less

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