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Bari / Italy

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In 2020 the Atelier developed a product unique in its kind: MINI is the first line of TACTILE artworks for children. Each art piece is handcrafted with love and is made of 4 layers of colored, hypoallergenic and anti-mold FELT, for curious hands that can play in absolute tranquility. The artworks are made to play and to embellish any type of environment. They are all available in two sizes: Large and Small. It is also possible to make customized art piece to choose the best size according to your spaces. MINI - art for kids is the new brand by ATELIER Pamela Campagna, within which they have been creating fiber art works since 2010 through the transformation of traditional yarn manipulation techniques with seductive and innovative results. From this year the Atelier has decided to turn the attention to children, which is why MINI is born: a project that links art and home design to childhood and education.

MINI - art for kids: for sale online on archiproducts

On the archiproducts shop you can buy the tactile artworks by MINI - art for kids, cheerful and colorful, for children of all ages! ... More ... less

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