minimomassimo embodies the experience we have gained over many years of supplying the most important brands in the industry.
The new brand is the brainchild of our second generation of upholsterers, and its goal is to export Italian comfort and prestige around the world.
This new, young company’s cornerstones for its products are: design, elegance, simplicity, convenience, and quality.
minimomassimo professionally creates hand-crafted products while leveraging all the applicable technological innovation: machines provide precision cutting while our craftsmen accurately assemble and finish each item.
The structures of our products are made with the best wood available: fir, beech and multi-layered pine.
The padding that we use is manufactured by the best firms in the industry. We mainly use two types of padding: polyurethane foam and down. Before being sold, both materials must pass strict quality controls to ensure that the padding our customers get is reliable, comfortable and long-lasting. For down padding, we wash and sterilize the natural feathers, suitably blend, and enclose the padding in cotton liners.
We use leather and fabric, for our upholstery.
Our high quality leathers include three types of full grain leather, ranging from 1 to 2.3 mm thick. For models with removable upholstery, we offer a broad range of fabrics: linen, polyester, cotton, water-repellent fabrics, and provide treatments against mould and mites. ... More ... less

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