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The well-known fashion brand Missoni, active in the fashion world since 1953, offers a line entirely dedicated to the home, where fine fabrics and high-level design blend into a single mosaic of ideas and projects. MissoniHome, the brand dedicated to furniture, is aimed at those who want to furnish and decorate their rooms with a unique and original touch, without sacrificing an extremely high level of quality. MissoniHome's products are aimed at both indoor and outdoor furniture, but they can also be used in gardens or verandas with a strong character. MissoniHome has always been involved in international trade fairs, events during which designers, creatives and architects from all over the world come together to present their collections or to admire the products of emerging or historic brands: the characteristic creativity of MissoniHome, historic brand but at the same time able to renew itself in step with the times, is highly appreciated by interior design professionals.

MissoniHome, indoor and outdoor furniture

MissoniHome offers itself, in the panorama of the international furnishings, as a brand of high quality that combines creativity, fabrics and valuable and extravagant materials in the creation of every single item. Sofas, armchairs, but especially textiles, rugs, cushions and linen want to convey feelings of creativity, innovation and joy in sharing spaces as intimate as those at home. Not only indoor items, MissoniHome wanted to put into play with outdoor furnishings that have something to tell. Often an indoor element can be turned into an outdoor, into a game of truly exceptional versatility.
From fabric to furnishing, the brand combines fabrics and creativity, in a perfect combination that always brings back the atmosphere of fashion. For MissoniHome, the different collections represent an escape from the beginning, elements that are constantly becoming. From more modern collections, to others with an Alpine perfume, but also with a floral theme or even with representations of mosaics, zodiac signs to others with a purely oriental imprint. As soon as you enter the MissoniHome world you breathe an atmosphere that releases positive energy, sunshine and well-calibrated colors that blend perfectly with different types of environments. All to give them character and personality.

The Missoni brand, from fashion to home furnishings

Since 1997 Rosita Missoni, designer of excellence of the company, has been personally responsible for the creation and design of revolutionary and changing ideas, which combine the passion for high fashion with fine fabrics and home furnishings. Casa, in Rosita Missoni's conception, is a concept that expresses inside emotions and sensations in continuous evolution". The house is alive, it's always moving, it's never over", he often says. A leitmotiv that has made MissoniHome a brand with a fresh and sunny taste, where creativity is an essential value. Domestic environments therefore appear as ever-changing spaces, places to be fully lived in and transformed when the need arises. After all, it is the home that encloses part of who we are and what we want to pass on to others.
"My home is synonymous with a festive welcome and a pleasant atmosphere. Furnishing in my way is to create an organized but informal habitat that excites and intrigues, where every space is an oasis of colors and moods. And formulae free from schemes". This is the idea that drives every creative project of Rosita Missoni. The spaces of the house therefore represent functional and dynamic places, but at the same time far from tight and static schemes. Emotion, that's one of the brand's goals. So, create in the eyes of those who observe that pleasant curiosity that leads to want to discover, live and enjoy their home with informality, bright colors that tempt those who live the spaces to have feelings of well-being. Because a house that expresses well-being and sunshine also affects the quality of life of those who live in it. Unique fabrics, evolving shapes, sunny and bright colors. This and much more represents MissoniHome. ... More ... less

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