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A home furnishing project. A wide range of elements. From fabrics – the starting point – to furnishings. The recurring theme of fabrics and their numerous textures introduces beautiful ideas for furnishing the home inside and out. From the living room to the lounge, from bedroom and bathroom to the rooms leading outdoors to gardens and terraces. Rosita Missoni’s collection has a way with colour, interwoven with manufacturing skill; it stands out for its sunny personality and creative spirit. Fashion inspirations and emotions inform her home design vision. Translating this complex ensemble of ideas into fabric and furnishing solutions is made possible by an almost symbiotic collaboration between two leading Italian companies: Missoni, one of Italy’s top fashion designers, and T&J Vestor, a firm with a long family tradition in high-end home textiles and furnishings. The language of the collection, as well as each individual piece, is unmistakable, with the project built around free interactions between colours and forms. Materials and patterns become part of the whole, but at the same time have a life of their own and easily move into other contexts. Precise signs and designs that fuse memories and project visions. Scattered areas of black and white and open trails of colour. Geometrical shapes and lines together with exuberant motifs, such as huge flowers, the essential botanical refrain of every collection. This long creative path which coexists with experimentation – almost an escape from the obvious towards an innovative, personal style with an aesthetic balance that transcends the commonplace. ... More ... less
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