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Founded in Rome in 1984, Moab is a company specialized in the design and implementation of complete solutions for bathroom furniture. The products in the Moab catalogue are cared for at every stage of manufacture, starting from research and design, followed by a team of experienced designers, to production and marketing. This choice has contributed to the formation of a strong brand identity, which today boasts a solid presence on the national and international market. The constant research on materials has allowed Moab to offer a variegated catalogue in which unusual surfaces such as cement, expanded metal, metals and recovered wood, screened glass stand out. The company has been able to combine material research with aesthetic research, so as to propose solutions with innovative and contemporary design, ahead of the trends and able to interpret different styles. The craftsmanship experience, combined with industrial processing, translates into products treated to the minimum of detail and with high technical and aesthetic quality, which have resulted in several awards and awards to Moab. The company offers a catalogue organized by product lines, from furnishings to washbasins, from basins to coatings and offers customizable integrated modular systems and customized production.

The washbasin collections signed Moab

Moab washbasins are distinguished by elegance, well-finished design and a decisively contemporary mood. The Industrial line is inspired by the Japanese philosophy “wabi sabi”, which enhances the beauty of perfection and the hidden refinement of raw objects. The aesthetic line on which this group of products is based on is therefore inspired by materials and shapes that go back to a neo-industrial style, sparing at first glance, but revealing to a more experienced eye a sophisticated elegance. The Industrial line consists of washbasins in raw stainless steel, brushed or varnished, with top in perforated sheet metal, recycled wood, bleached spruce or marble with brown brass band. The Elletre line is based on all other shapes and colors. The washbasins are characterized by soft and irregular shapes and exhibit a craftsmanship aspect that makes them unique. Elletre washbasins are available in ceramic or cement versions and in different colors, from neutral shades of white, black, sand or grey, to vibrant shades of purple or turquoise. This line is the result of several years of research by Moab in the field of interior design and raw materials, research that has led not only to the current design choices of the Elletre washbasin but also to the creation of a palette of colors able to convey a sense of imperfection and lived life. The Elletre line also includes a wide range of metal accessories to match with the washbasin or to be installed in other parts of the bathroom.

Moab furniture and systems for bathroom

The bathroom furnishings of the Moab catalogue fit perfectly with the washbasins and accessories, allowing a round furniture and a certain stylistic consistency. Dresscode is a collection of furniture characterized by an elegant and modern aesthetic appearance, with a marked focus on functionality, guaranteed by the large accessories’ compartments. The volume of the cabinet is lightened by the central “gorge”, a functional and decorative element available in various finishes or in metal. The strong point of this design series is the extreme customization, made possible by a range of materials and colors able to meet any demand and need for furniture. Dresscode also offers a novelty in the field of traditional furnishings, i.e. the possibility of installing new channel washboards, a good alternative to the usual undercoat.
The Zero 20 collection is characterized by a rigorous geometric construction of the shapes, at the same time simple and light in structure. The materials used for this line of furniture are those that the company typically uses also for other proposals in the price list such as cement, lime, new and recovered woods. Raw-looking materials that, when combined with copper or burnished brass, create the pleasant contrast that strongly characterizes the elements of this line. The external body is in painted aluminum sheet and can be combined with burnished metal doors, wood, lime, cement, industrial glass and all the standard finishes in the catalogue. The collection is completed by a large wall-hung washbasin, with concealed waste, in painted sheet steel.

The Prefinito Calce and Prefinito Cemento coverings

A separate speech deserves the Prefiniti of Moab, a proposal of exclusive furnishings that represent unicum in the field. Through an innovative process developed by the research department, the surfaces of the furnishing elements are covered with a sort of second skin in mortar bound with cement or lime. The methodology used to make this particular finish is industrial, but the application of the material remains manual, so that each element is a unique product. Using the Moab Prefiniti to decorate your bathroom you get an environment with a homogeneous and harmonious style. Prefinito Cemento, a kind of hybrid between cement mortar and resin, is the result of an innovative technique and is a spatulate material with a compact texture and a soft, natural surface. This revolutionary project includes a wide range of elements, such as the bespoke washbasin tops from the Block2 line, which can be combined with floor, wall and shower trays flush with the floor.
The Prefinito Calce includes floors, walls, furniture, tops, and is presented with a compact, medium-grained finish. Available in various colors, also this exclusive series is produced through a semi-artisan workmanship, which gives uniqueness to each piece produced in the company. Particularly recommended for refined environments but at the same time informal, Prefinito Calce reproduces the rough finish of bare and raw plaster and is particularly suitable for the bathroom environment, thanks to its high performance in resistance to humidity.

Moab shop online on Archiproducts

On the Archiproducts shop you can buy Moab washbasins and accessories online: the style and the minimal and linear design of the Italian company, directly at your home. ... More ... less

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