With its high-level architectural lighting, Modular Lighting Instruments has designed and exported an innovative lighting method in which elements of creativity and high technology blend perfectly. The modern lighting of a house is no longer, in fact, just a practical requirement but, over the years, it has evolved to become a tool that aims at a precise result: combining functionality with personalization. The modular lighting proposed by the Belgian company Modular Lighting represents the concrete realization of this need: its products, over 40 years of experience, have marked important milestones in the past, ahead of their time in the field of high-end architectural lighting, always with the aim of finding the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. In addition to its headquarters in Belgium (in Armoedestraat 71,8800 Roeselare), Modular Lighting Instruments has showrooms in New York, Milan, Amstelveen, Paris, Malmö, Stockholm and Copenhagen and sales outlets in over eighty countries around the world: for this reason it is a brand that is rightly considered as a trendsetter and diffuser. And he often takes part in events such as the one promoted by the Brera Academy in April 2017, in which he participated with an architectural and atmospheric installation based on black and white and light contrasts. Or as in Rome, in October 2018, at the third edition of the Architect@Work event, where he presented a series of interesting and extravagant lighting solutions.

Modular Lighting Instruments

The "perfect" lighting is the one that you don't notice...but you do notice: with this only apparent nonsense, we mean that the functional side of a lighting instrument must be accompanied by the ability to fit with personality in the environment, enhancing its characteristics. In line with the most modern furnishing style, Modular Lighting design lamps propose essential structures and innovative materials, neutral colours, natural shapes, light lines with light shades to avoid weighing down a small space or sharp contours with strong tones to impose themselves almost physically in a large space. The lighting object is designed in such a way that it can, if necessary, adapt to the environment in which it is placed: the lamps become true furnishing accessories! When there is little space on the floor, everything moves on the ceiling or walls, with recessed lamps, wall lamps, elegant and light wall lamps, whose minimalist design gives volume and prominence to their surroundings, giving the environment the right suggestion or enhancing its character. The lighting, even if architectural, still has its instrumental side: hence the proposal of recessed spotlights to signal the presence of stairs or walls; or direct lighting lamps or other spotlights to be placed next to the mirror in the bathroom.
Design table lamps can be used in the living room as mood lights or become functional next to a sofa; or even floor lamps with particular and sometimes bold shapes can take on the role of real furnishing accessories.
From a purely technical point of view, Modular Lighting, optimizing all the different production phases, creates products that are studied and carefully designed, from the innovative design to the simplicity of installation. And the attention to detail for Modular Lighting goes so far as to perfect even the sides and details of its products that will remain hidden: using, for example, magnetic plates to hide screws and wires, choosing aluminium instead of plastic, deciding to anodize the aluminium with which the lamps are made for a more uniform colour execution, proceeding with powder finishing for structured colours, optimising the efficiency of LED technology. Details that make the difference and end up providing a superior quality product.

LED technology for Modular Lighting Instruments

Working closely with a vast network of partners, Modular Lighting exports its attitude and marketing philosophy according to which, in high-level architectural lighting solutions, creativity, design and technology must always merge to achieve the same goal: to create a final product that, in this way, will have all the characteristics of an object aesthetically very valid and functionally very advanced. The idea of modular lighting is based on the belief that a luminaire is not "just" a luminaire: in a long view, the design of a single product can have multiple purposes. This trend, constantly in search of versatility, opens up a new perspective of home, shop, office lighting. For spaces with a modern inspiration, Modular has thought of LED, pendant or track-lights ceiling lamps, like those by Minude, easy to contextualize, with light and elegant shapes. In rooms of different sizes, the Qbini modular adjustable spotlights, made of aluminium, allow light to play its functional role while facilitating or supporting the use of space, both large and small. Indirect light wall lamps and LED ceiling lights such as those in the Flat Moon collection, have soft, rounded shapes and neutral colours, but light up spaces of different sizes; adaptable and versatile, they are the ideal solution even in very different contexts, in smaller sizes to light stairs and passageways, or larger for rooms, large halls or verandas. The Buzze lamp, particularly functional already in its shape, has been designed to be used also as a furnishing accessory, being suitable to fill the free space in a room already fully furnished or to enrich the furnishing of a garden. As well as the Kabaz LED floor lamp, ideal for creating a charming or relaxing atmosphere in the garden. ... More ... less

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