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Yarns, weaves, knotting, warps, fleeces, memories, atmospheres, decoration – from the early seventies, Mohebban has moved confidently across the universe of textile art. But the experience of three generations has roots that run far and wide across the world: from Iran, the Mohebban family’s country of origin, to Italy, where the entrepreneurial activity began, embracing India and Turkey, where the company has identified the best methods of production. The knowledge acquired through time and places is constantly on display and evolving in the rugs produced. The defining characteristics of the collections are the classic and unusual patterns, the wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes used in the production, the precious and complex manufacturing processes derived from consolidated production cultures and modulated to suit every item created.


The production facilities are located in countries renowned for their age-old textile traditions: highly-specialized craftsmens small and medium-sized workshops employing skillful and trusted workers. Wool, silk, cotton, bamboo silk, hemp and viscose are the materials used. The top-quality yarns are dyed using ancient traditional techniques that highlight a particular sensitivity for colors and the constant striving towards indispensable quality. Hand-knotted or hand-tufted rugs, an iconography of classical or modern inspiration, color combinations expressing Eastern atmospheres or minimalist abstract patterns, subtle shading or decisive color and textural contrasts define a completely original and elegant sense of euphoria: the Mohebban Rhapsody.


Mohebban’s Collections are developed in-house. The products are inspired by ancient Iranian (Persian), Turkish or Moroccan rug-making traditions. They borrow tartans from Scotland or patterns from Turkey, inventing abstract decorations and using antique rugs – over-dyed, cut and re-stitched – to create contemporary decorative accessories. These timeless classics are proposed to numerous elegant and luxurious families; each one is awe-inspiring and unique, and always different in te terms of color and dimension.
Mohebban’s Editions form the workshop collection, entrusted to external designers. The products result from exceptional intuition and courageous experimentation. Stitching added as graphic signs, memorabilia set against a textile background, emerging architectonic shapes, unexpected and audaciously unsettling tassels are the formal exercises from the various creatives invited by Mohebban to collaborate with the company.

Custom Made

The Mohebban Rhapsody collections are always enriched with new creative expressions. Many products are made-to-measure specifically for residential or contract purposes. Mohebban does not limit its production to the items presented in its catalogue. The company actively supports architects and interior designers who develop rugs that are coherent with the broadest possible interpretation of each project. The consulting provided by the company exploits special simulation software, numerous sample runs, availability of the merchandise in the warehouse integrated with the web of know-how and experience developed over time. ... More ... less




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