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MOMENTI, the company created by brothers Alexander and Matteo Bagnai, introduces the idea of “Italian Custom Design” for objects, subjects and surfaces, also tactile and tridimensional, through its collections for the home, the office and the contract area. The need to create and be involved are CRAZY HOME (Paintings & Furniture) - CRAZY PAPER - CRAZY TILE’s trump cards, a new way of thinking, seeing and conceiving the habitat to make it yours. Together with their team, a wonderful gang of “crazy artists”, MOMENTI gives life, substance and colour to surfaces worked to perfection. All collections are born from tests on liquid and tactile materials; from the continuous research of a different finishing: ecological, indestructible and exciting at the same time. Through drawings, MOMENTI is able to communicate sensations and emotions. This is how paintings, furnitures and decorative objects are born, distinguished by a strong artistic mark and coated with powerful, sweet, dark and impressive images. The result is art applied to everyday design. ... More ... less

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