Monolithe Edition

Toulouse / France

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A plural creation based on meetings and simplicity, this is Monolithe edition. From the drawing and the material of three designers are born: a table in indoor and outdoor versions, a couple of bookcases and their bookends, lightings. Essential and complementary components united by the strength and the near-monolithic sobriety of a high end collection with a resolutely contemporary design.


Due to its design and material, the creations by Monolithe edition are meant to be sustainable. The sobriety of lines allows the versatility of timeless pieces of furniture and accessories in tune with trends’evolution. The best way to become a future classic.


Unadorned, Monolithe edition reveals itself with authenticity. A range of pieces of furniture and accessories interacting in a cosy atmosphere. The collection is playing the sobriety and modesty card. It draws on the modernity and freshness of its design in its quest for the essential.


The story of Monolithe edition, written by more than one hand, is devoted to the roundness of curves and the junction of its elements. Born from design and material, the collection can be discovered with your hands as well as your eyes.


Monolithe edition, it‘s a design to be used, for interiors to live in. We boast on the functionality of our creations ! Born from the meeting of talents, we are dedicated to open up in the future to new designers who will nurture the collections with their culture, their skills and they will inspire new creations. ... More ... less