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Dongen / Netherlands

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Montis B.V.

Steenstraat 2
5107 NE Dongen
Tel. +31 (0) 162 377 777
Steenstraat 2

Headquartered in the Dutch city of Dongen, Montis is dedicated to the manufacturing of contemporary furniture and home furnishings. The company entered the market in 1974 with a clear mission: designing modern furniture with superior seating comfort. Indeed, the company's credo is to neither sacrifice aesthetics for the sake of comfort nor comfort for aesthetics. The company offers a wide range of elegant and comfortable sofas and armchairs as well as tables and chairs for every taste and every ambiance.

A short history of the company

The Van Den Berg brothers started out with just two employees, a leather cutter and an upholsterer, naming the company after their family. Montis is the Latin genitive for ‘monte’, meaning ‘of the mountain.’ In 1975 the young company moves to the ‘Langstraat’ in Dongen, the Netherlands, widely renowned for its tanneries. Now surrounded by exceptional craftsmanship, Montis is one step closer to its first true innovation.

In fact, in 1983 the big breakthrough follows in the form of an upholstery technique that entails slipping a ‘jacket’ around an armchair. Leather covers zipping around metal frames: a technique that Montis brings to the market with the launch of the Chaplin. This unique chair has become a classic. Following the success in the Netherlands and Germany, already in the early 80s Montis is also discovered in the United States, the Middle East and the Far East.

Due to its increasing success, Montis almost literally grows out of its jacket. There is a pressing need for a larger office that can also function as a showroom. In 1988 the artist Hans Roebers designs a striking building that is covered in black tiles. It quickly becomes known as ‘the black building.’ After both his brothers leave in 1990, Paul Van Den Berg brings his own vision to life. It is his goal to design and craft furniture of distinct design and great comfort.

Montis - the company today

Montis never stopped focusing on innovation and on design that meets the needs of modern life without sacrificing highest standards of comfort. Production methods therefore often blur the boundaries between traditional crafts and new techniques.

In terms of environmental impact, however, Montis never accepted compromises but always embraced sustainable alternatives. In close cooperation with both internationally renowned and emerging designers, Montis keeps surprising the market and its customers. With its ability to innovate the company manages to present the classics of tomorrow already today.