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MOR is a new Portuguese design brand based in Lisbon, born out of a passion for design and the desire to create simple, timeless and lasting pieces. MOR combines the best available and modern industrial capacity with the knowledge of a handful of carefully selected craftsman. That leads to the development of original, quality and functional products in the areas of furniture, lighting and accessories. In this sense, we are fully committed to create products with the highest quality standards. MOR draws inspiration from Portugal's long and rich history, in particular from Lisbon. Lisbon is a charming European capital, very vibrant, multicultural and cosmopolitan, a real mishmash of cultures and traditions. It is a city with an enormous joy of living and is illuminated by the grandeur of its river, the Tagus, where so many writers and artists were also inspired in the past. It is in this scenario that this brand lives and breathes daily. All MOR's objects intend to transmit this joy and positive vibration. With a strong commitment to design with simple lines, MOR looks for elegant, versatile, practical and classic pieces where excess is avoided. They are objects that seduce by the intelligence of their details and by their warm colours and natural textures. MOR's innovative path is strongly influenced by Portuguese, Scandinavian, French and English furniture, meaning that each piece, likewise, reflects values and attributes such as functionality, aesthetics, long life cycle, the use of natural materials and a simple and natural usage. The designers that partner up, all of them with proven experience and with referenced products in the design market, show up as interpreters of this modern world in which we live. They have the fundamental role of transferring a little bit of themselves for each object. They are endowed with an enormous capacity for analysis and reflection that will allow them to combine the tradition of highly skilled artisanal labour with the existing industrial and productive capacity. It is, in many cases, a new generation of excellence where everyone shares the same passion and culture as MOR. Thus, MOR will always be a guarantee of high quality production and a unique personality that satisfies the most passionate customer for contemporary pieces. ... More ... less

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