mui Lab is a technology startup specializing in designing IoT interfaces that enable a “calm” digital living. We are based in Kyoto where the tradition is woven well into the modern life. We take good care of the aesthetic of the Japanese tradition including the material, design, behavior and lifestyle rooted in the place where you can find the Japanese origin. By carefully looking at people’s custom and the value they put on for the environment and everyday moments whether being inspired by the seasonal changes or the simply by their sense of beauty, we try to bring the essence of the inspiration to our UX/ UI design. 

Our design concept stems from Taoism philosophy of “mui shizen,” which means in harmony being as it is. We believe technology can become synonymous with unintentional, and strive to keep with the Japanese tradition of harmony between nature and humans, and of appreciation for natural, organic materials as well as cutting-edge technology.
mui Lab is a recipient of the Best of Kickstarter Award and CES Innovation Award. ... More ... less

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