Neonny is a remarkable lighting products developer of high end architectural lighting on global residential and commercial lighting projects. As the international brand,“NEONNY” is the registered trade mark in both United States of America and European Union. Our professional team owns over 15 years experience working together with architects, interior designers, contractors,Neonny is able to provide comprehensive lighting solution including custom product,installation and control solution.Some Neonny products are in the lead over the worldwide competitors,and endorsed by the world`s top professionals in the fields of smart lighting engineering,Eco & interior design. Neonny listens to your needs and develop solutions.We devote considerable attention to the direct communication with the global designer or consumer,put ourselves in their position,strive to figure out the best solution,and pursuit the final consumer satisfaction by every little step. As the part of our global strategy,we are now seeking global architects, interior designers, lighting distributors,contractors, to establish the worldwide service channel.We expect to work together with the new partners based on the mutual understanding, confidence and trust creating and delivering value to our target clients and ourselves. ... More ... less

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