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Since 1962, Neri has been a symbol of excellence in high-end outdoor furniture and lighting systems in Italy and worldwide. Neri is the lighting standard in over half of the Italian municipalities and many prestigious mixed-use, hospitality, residential, and retail developments worldwide. The Neri message has always been and continues to be about innovation and technological research, in keeping with the same passion and craftsmanship that characterised their origins.
Founded by Domenico Neri, artist, sculptor, and attentive observer and interpreter of the aesthetic and functional demands of cities, Neri promotes decor and performance through its product range. Restoration activities, reproductions, bespoke products as well as partnerships with architects, lighting designers and energy managers are part of the offering of a company with a presence in over 100 countries.

Products and services

Neri offers three product categories designed to improve and enhance our surroundings: lighting, street furniture and structures. Unique families of products are designed to speak the same aesthetic across all three categories allowing for a cohesive and harmonious site plan. Neri offers both the contemporary range, conceived with prestigious designers, as well as the heritage range derived from the experience and classical tradition of our town and city centres. In addition to the collection in our catalogues, company know-how and experience allow Neri to work with designers on product modifications, customised design services and restoration, reproduction and preservation of historical elements that have been enhancing our cities throughout the centuries. ... More ... less




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