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101 Copenhagen's 2024 Collection Blends 70s Chic with Luxe Leather and Chrome

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10/06/2024 - From the organic and sculptural 1970s to the glitzy and geometric 80s, 101 Copenhagen presents its new seating and lighting proposals for 2024, updated with such new materials as soft Italian Nubuck leather and shiny stainless steel. This year, designers Kristian Sofus Hansen and Tommy Hyldahl have added innovation to the brand’s collections by integrating new materials and finishes that blend with its characteristic muted earth tones. They have embraced the idea of materials and "living", adding richness and depth to designs that evolve with light, touch and use. Having discovered the new leather in an Italian tannery, they immediately imagined using it for some of the brand's seating, while chrome is incorporated into signature lighting fixtures.

Reminiscent of the segmented and upholstered 'futuristic' iconic chairs of the 1970s, the Toe Lounge Chair is a low and wide seat with three rounded vertical segments that accentuate the plush upholstery's inviting comfort, now available in the smooth and silky Nubuck option in addition to the existing boucle, linen, sunproof taupe and sheepskin. The same material is also available for the more minimalist and abstract Toe Lounge Chair Flat without the vertical fluting and the bold Big Foot Stool with its chunky cylindrical legs and rounded flat seat. The fractal and 'molecular' Drop Chandelier Globe, whose predecessors include finishes in burnt black, oxidised brass and opal glass globes, is now available in reflective stainless steel, adding depth to an already visually complex fixture composed of multiple spherical elements connected by slender and adjustable metal arms, suspended in a delicate balance of irregular patterns.

The freeform and fluid neon Ghost chandelier has been reinterpreted in chrome, adding another reading to its intertwining lines, whose form faithfully reflects the conceptual hand sketch that inspired its original design.

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