A fusion between handcraft, design and wellbeing

Paulo Antunes's North Collection

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A fusion between handcraft, design and wellbeing
10/09/2015 - Elegant and sophisticated that’s how define Paulo Antunes’ furniture.

Light and transparency combined with open minding, act as inspiring muses creating a furniture collection that celebrates tradition, design and comfort. The purity of forms contributes for the greatness of certain pieces, magnifying the essence of what’s really important, reaching the point of making everything that is around the focus of creation dispensable. 

The collection is timeless and results from a fusion between handcraft, design and wellbeing. The result is functional pieces that create elegant and rich ambiances through a wide range of materials, textures and by its team experience and expertise. Paulo Antunes’ concept and working capability allowed it to grow and be present in projects worldwide. Here are some pieces of North Collection, presented at the last edition of M&O:

FADO Armchair: this is an updated version of the capitoné legacy, being available in fabric or leather. The design of this armchair unites esthetics and comfort, which maximizes its functionality. It is, as well, a handmade item, being considered the haute-couture of upholstered items.  FADO Armchair

FADO Armchair

BOARD Table: The BOARD table is another Nordic-inspired item, thanks to its simplistic design, taking us to the natural element of life. Its functionality is maximized, since its top is removable, being inspired in a plate.  BOARD Table


SERENE Armchair: The SERENE armchair is determined by the same geometry of this line, as well as by a harmonious connection between its elements. The fabric possibilities, as far as the color palette is concerned, are endless. SERENE Armchair

SERENE Armchair

SERENE Chaise-longue: The SERENE chaise-longue is characterized by its timeless and minimalist lines, either straight, or softly organic, with notes of sophistication, like its velvet, which take us to a deeply elegant piece of furniture.  SERENE Chaise-longue

SERENE Chaise-longue

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