The Mediterranean Style Home of a Catalan Painter

Brick, micro-cement, wood and terracotta interact with the Lapitec sintered stone kitchen

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02/04/2024 - Surrounded by the enchanting landscape of the Catalan coast, "MED" is the home of a painter, recently renovated by Maribel Caballero and Ismael Barajas of the CírculoCuadrado studio. The heart of the living area is the kitchen, which has an island in Lapitec sintered stone.

The renovation was undertaken with total respect for the existing architectural elements, such as the typical Catalan vaulted ceiling or the wood entry door. It involved a complete rethink of the layout to optimise natural light in the most used areas of the house. Spread over two levels, MED features an open-plan living area and a large sleeping area with the owner's creative studio. Two delightful interior courtyards enhance the space, one with a dining area in exposed brick and micro-cement and a covered and air-conditioned swimming pool, and the other leading to the studio and terrace, also with a steel and ceramic pool, dividing the spaces and offering secluded and very intimate open-air views. The Mediterranean style of the interior is conveyed through a variety of elements, especially materials and colour. The white walls and some furniture accentuate the contrasts provided by the wood floors, the terracotta ceiling, the natural fibre of the intricately woven lamps - made by local artisans - and the decorations in glass, wood, ceramics and linen. These elements are arranged around a palette of neutral or earthy tones reminiscent of the Catalan countryside, with occasional touches of cool sea blue in the bathrooms. The style is typical of the Iberian Peninsula, combining contemporary accessories with salvaged elements that tell the story of the place.

At the heart of the living area is the large handcrafted peninsula kitchen, a monolith that serves as a home office and blends seamlessly into the architecture, becoming part of the staircase to the upper floor. It incorporates utilities and a heated towel rail. The worktop is made of Lapitec sintered stone, a 100% natural material with a rough finish that feels like natural stone and offers the resistance and hygienic properties of modern materials. In fact, Lapitec is scratch-resistant, withstands the effects of extremes in time and temperature, and is non-absorbent on the surface, making it ideal for direct contact with food and facilitating daily cleaning. This Made-in-Italy material is also free of crystalline silica, guaranteeing the safety of those who choose it and all professionals in the supply chain.

Finally, the rear of the house has a double-height ceiling and contains a reading and relaxation area. Part of the sleeping area also overlooks this space, which includes two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and walk-in wardrobes. In MED, each room captures the essence of the Iberian landscape's natural elements and reflects them in a balanced space imbued with an overall atmosphere of serenity. It tells the story of the Catalan style in a contemporary and international language.


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