A New Double-Head Lamp Expands the Vitawork® Series

Luctra® launches Vitawork® Twin

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08/10/2020 - After the successful market launch of the LUCTRA® VITAWORK® 2018 office lamp and the supplemented version with HCL function in January 2020, LUCTRA® is now bringing on the market yet another innovation: VITAWORK® TWIN
Equipped with the features typical of the VITAWORK® family, VITAWORK® TWIN illuminates four workplaces evenly and in accordance with applicable standards. This makes the TWIN variant particularly suitable for modern office combinations such as desk islands. 
A New Double-Head Lamp Expands the Vitawork® Series 2

Visually ergonomic 
The new double-head LED floor lamp is all about visual comfort. Thanks to the combination of direct and indirect lighting, the two side-mounted lamp heads ensure uniform and standard-compliant illumination of the entire work area in accordance with DIN EN 12464-1 and ASR 3.4. The dual asymmetrical light distribution also makes the task light a suitable solution for low-ceiling rooms. Each head comes with its own touch control panel and can therefore be dimmed separately according to individual requirements. The direct and indirect components can be adjusted independently of each other. The light ambiance is especially natural, which has been proven to contribute to general well-being in the workplace. 
A New Double-Head Lamp Expands the Vitawork® Series 3

What’s more, the integrated presence and light intensity sensors not only offer energy- saving potential but are also optimised for height-adjustable tables. In addition, the H-shaped base provides ideal conditions for optimally positioning the lamp on the table. 
Energy savings and sustainability 
Depending on the business, the share of power consumption for artificial lighting may amount to 50 per cent of the total expense for energy supply. Lighting is a major consumption factor in office buildings as well.
A New Double-Head Lamp Expands the Vitawork® Series 4

Energy-efficient lighting not only helps to reduce the electricity bill, but also promotes more economical use of resources and thus makes a contribution to environmental and climate protection. LUCTRA® offers VITAWORK®, an innovative floor lamp that is equipped with the latest energy-saving LED technology. The importance of using natural resources sustainably is increasingly taken into account. Not least because of this, lighting renovations using LED technology have been funded by the government at the municipal level since summer 2020. 
Quality made in Germany 
Like all LUCTRA® lamps, VITAWORK® is also assembled manually by expert staff at the LUCTRA® production plant in Kamen (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany). The entire manufacturing process is subject to comprehensive quality management.


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