​A New Look for La Parisienne Assurances

Studio Razavi chooses Wireflow by Vibia

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12/12/2016 - Desiring a new office space to suit their playful brand and modern values, La Parisienne approached Studio Razavi Architecture of Paris and New York with a proposal for a new office space spanning an entire floor. The focus was to create a variety of work nodes that would allow teams different set ups. As an insurance company, one of the most important  aspects of the floor plan was specifically areas for conversations with clients and colleagues to discuss confidential or sensitive information. 

Opting for materials not commonly thought of for work spaces and trying to use them sensibly to establish a core identity, the studio combined wood, carpet and glass partitions.

The designers introduced Wireflow free-form, an industrial black wire based fixture with the freedom to scale the walls and the ceiling,
culminating in cast aluminum and pressed glass LED terminal. The clean, minimal lines of Wireflow complimented the overall design of the space, mirroring the playful shapes cast by a mural of the
Parisian skyline. 

Featuring one to nine light points and also a portable "plug and play" version, Wireflow by Vibia is the perfect way to light multiple spaces
simultaneously. Design professionals can experiment with the endless possibilities on vibia.com , where they are given the chance to
visualize simulations of this collection in a space. Luminaire wires extend up to 29.5 feet and are able to be mounted from wall or ceiling. Fully dimmable LED light source provides a warm
glow that is perfect for any project from corporate spaces to hospitality design and restaurants.

Vibia on Archiproducts.com

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