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[more] presents the NIL Bench by Gil Coste

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25/09/2020 - Tropical modernity, precious solid wood, organic forms, sculptural appearance. The NIL bench by Gil Coste is part of the SOVA collection by [more]. It offers enough space for all these attributions and it carries it confidently and naturally without ever appearing clumsy.
This is not so easy. Because the beautiful walnut needs a certain strength for sufficient stability. At the same time, applies: less is more. This is the only way to keep NIL elegant and filigree.
A Place for Substantial Lightness 2

Wherever NIL takes a seat - at the table of the same collection, in your dining room or in the foyer of the Pinacoteca Sao Paulo - its owner sits on elaborate ecological upholstery with sisal belts, coconut fibers and virgin sheep's wool. NIL is available with a fabric cover or with sustainably tanned, through-dyed leather. The frame is available in walnut or oak, oiled and waxed or matt lacquered.
A Place for Substantial Lightness 3

Opulently comfortable, sparse in form. Just as a NIL bench should be. 

A Place for Substantial Lightness 4

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