A Standalone Haven of Silence


7/02/2020 - MICROOFFICE by SilentLab, an ode to minimalism in the shape of an independent workspace. It is the bridge between the two halves of its environment, creating a private and peaceful inner world in the center of the chaos around it. These two realms are linked through vision, energy, light and sensation.
You can experience single workspaces MICROOFFICE UNIQ and PRIME and the modular workspace MICROOFFICE QUADRIO with built-in AV technology at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.
A Standalone Haven of Silence 2

MICROOFFICE UNIQ is the clear choice for combining true silence with active teamwork. The unparalleled design enables you to focus on crucial tasks right at the heart of the action. This dynamic workstation blends naturally into the surrounding environment, improving acoustics wherever it's placed. This fancy office booth was recognized with Red Dot Design Award 2019.
MICROOFFICE PRIME is a standalone haven of silence ready for use without any burdensome installation or renovation. It combines the iconic visual aesthetic with a unique ventilation system, high-end acoustic materials, sophisticated details and practical design.
A Standalone Haven of Silence 3

Find unlimited possibilities and forward-thinking design with MICROOFFICE QUADRIO, which you can configure exactly the way you need it. SilentLab original concept, based on a segmented folding system of individual parts, allows you to create a tailor-made office for up to eight people. If you have a client or teammate on the other side of the world, SilentLab will equip your MICROOFFICE QUADRIO with state-of-the-art AV technology. Enjoy real-time collaboration with a videoconferencing experience that's nearly indistinguishable from a personal meeting. The MICROOFFICE with built-in AV technology also includes a custom conference table. All the wires and cables from the built-in technology pass through the specially adapted hollow leg of the table to minimize visual clutter. Absolute soundproofing and high quality audio and video make the MICROOFFICE the ideal meeting space for up to eight people.
"People in today’s workplaces struggle with excess noise and a lack of privacy. SilentLab is pioneering solutions for these problems," says cofounder Jan Kanka. "MICROOFFICE PRIME, UNIQ, CUBIQ and QUADRIO are a true revolution in the work environment. After years of research and development, we’ve created a completely incomparable design. There’s nothing else like it," adds cofounder Jaroslav Vendl.
A Standalone Haven of Silence 4

Vendl isn’t alone in his assessment of the firm’s hard work and dedication. Recently, MICROOFFICE UNIQ and CUBIQ were recognized with 2019 Red Dot Product Design Awards, a celebrated affirmation of SilentLab’s groundbreaking ideas.
The MICROOFFICE product family offers a multifaceted approach to office acoustics: forward-thinking original designs, proven acoustic performance, and an innovative new ventilation system. Sophisticated details and top-tier materials provide plenty of opportunities for clients to add their own creative input to the design process. "We manufacture MICROOFFICE in-house, and so we are able to offer plenty of colors and high-quality material choices to complement all types of workspaces,” says Kanka.

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