Aaron: Stool + Side Table

The new Lapalma project designed by PIO&TITOTOSO

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26/06/2020 - Two products in one: a stool and a side table. Two value-added features: comfort and functionality.
The collection of stools by Lapalma (16 models) is further enhanced with a new bold solution, designed for the brand by the duo PIO&TITOTOSO.
'AARON was designed as a creative impulse for a project that makes everyday tasks and activities easier,' explain the two designers. By observing everyday life, how people move and sit and by researching the 'stool' as an object and its different uses today, the idea arose to combine two elements to create a new functional concept.
Featuring a metal core that divides into two to accommodate, on the one hand, a comfortable upholstered seat and, on the other, a swivel top, AARON is a useful support for meeting various needs in the contract sector - from the light office to the catering sector and different environments. It is ideal for moments of relaxation, working, waiting, meeting or conviviality.
Available in two heights (H. 78 with a footrest or H. 60 without a footrest), AARON offers a contemporary, compact and functional design, ready to fit into fluid spaces with personality.

Aaron: Stool + Side Table 2

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