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New protective screens to ensure safety in shops and offices

15/05/2020 - Actiu designed a protective screen, a new product that it hopes will improve safety for professionals and customers in shops and offices that are open to the public.

Furthermore, the brand is adjusting its catalogue to the new premise that has come about as a result of the healthcare crisis, enhancing solutions that will enable social distancing and optimise spaces, whilst in turn reducing the density of people through products and finishes that will allow for the areas to be sanitised.
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The health risks force us to exercise caution and keep maintain our distance in order to minimise the chance of infection. This way, the protective screens allow us to reduce that distance to enable transactions in shops and offices whilst staying safe. This system which is designed, developed and manufactured by Actiu, which has also been recorded as a utility model thanks to its innovative assembly system, responds to the quality and sustainability criteria required by the current needs of each work space, whether it be shops, healthcare environments or administrative spaces of any size.

They are manufactured using methacrylate or transparent tempered glass with round edges, a design that is polished off with solid non-slip steel supports, which make these screens a stable and effective element of protection. Furthermore, they have a window on their lower section to enable products to be handed over and economic transactions to be carried out with customers.
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The screen is designed so that it can be used on any type of tables, counters or bars and, due to it being fully manufactured using methacrylate or transparent tempered glass, it can be cleaned and disinfected quickly and easily. The protective screen ensures users are separated from one another without losing out on the interaction or visual contact between the professional and the client.

For administrative settings, the company has also developed a universal fixing system that allows the screens to be installed and anchored to existing screens anywhere, with the aim of providing a response to the current needs without foregoing the furniture and accessories that companies already have at their facilities.

These screens are part of an entire range of products geared towards reducing infections amongst users, designed and manufactured by Actiu, in record time, so that they are available as soon as possible, ensuring that shops, businesses and offices can open in the safest way possible for employees and customers alike.
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Along with adapting previously existing products to comply with the new social distancing measures, Actiu is already offering flexible and versatile furniture that will guarantee the maximum ergonomics and readapt work areas with mobile, foldable and height-adjustable tables such as the Talent range, a wide selection of task seating, as well as other multi-purpose collections such as the Noom line, designed for all types of environments.

The Link screens can also be used to create separate work stations and they can be self-supporting, allowing for the space to be adapted to the needs of any given moment whilst ensuring maximum safety.

In this sense, Soledat Berbegal, Director of Brand Reputation at Actiu, explains that the company is adapting to the new market demands. “In this critical situation, thanks to the fact that we have product design and manufacturing for different industries, we are able to constantly adapt. The new anti-infection screen is mainly being marketed for the hospital sector and shops. Our first batches of screens were donated to hospitals. This was a selfless contribution to cover the needs of healthcare professional teams. But it has made us think about developing, not only a few isolating elements, but rather a full range of dividers, screens, vertical and lateral separators”, she states.

“Many companies are going to continue to go down the remote working route, but there will be times where meeting in the work spaces is essential. Both at Actiu and the spaces that we furnish, we want people to be able to go to work with peace of mind. The screens protect users physically but they also provide comfort and safety from a psychological perspective, reducing stress against the risk of becoming infected. We want everybody to be able to go to work and enjoy their job”, Soledat Berbegal remarks.

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