Adele and Nesso by Paola Lenti

Chair and table designed by Francesco Rota for Home Collection

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Adele and Nesso by Paola Lenti
27/10/2017 - The Adele chair and the Nesso table are among the latest products designed by Francesco Rota for Paola Lenti Home Collection: an original overall vision of indoor rooms proposing essential domestic spaces featured by harmonious volumes and colours, which are flexible and customizable.

Adele is featured by a padded structure and a base in heartwood. The design of the chair is round and welcoming; Paola Lenti’s upholstery fabrics become an integral part of the product, making it recognizable and unique.

Nesso tables have tops in different forms and dimensions, which are made of marble or wood and rest on sectional bases in varnished aluminium.

Whether white and textural or with vibrant veins, the proposed marbles belong to the ancient Italian tradition and are selected according to aesthetic criteria, making each table a distinctive piece. The matt and silky finishing of the surface enhance the pattern created by nature, highlighting and reviving its decorative value.

Wood comes from sustainably managed forests and is finished with unique manual techniques, which let the natural veins of the material show through the transparency of the colour. The wide chromatic range of the wooden finishes harmoniously combines with the colours of the materials and the upholstery fabrics of the chairs in the Home collection.

Paola Lenti on ARCHIPRODUCTSAdele and Nesso by Paola Lenti

Adele and Nesso by Paola Lenti

Adele and Nesso by Paola Lenti

Adele and Nesso by Paola Lenti

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