Aesthetic Functionality in Karl Andersson's New Designs

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Aesthetic Functionality in Karl Andersson's New Designs
05/02/2019 - Karl Andersson & Söner’s latest furniture designs will be presented for the first time at Stockholm Furniture&Light Fair 2019. The products exhude a minimalist charm. They are simple, yet a careful design process focused on aesthetic functionality clearly undelies each piece. Lollipop by Karl Andersson&Söner

Lollipop by Karl Andersson&Söner

Trayo design Anton Björsing
Trayo tray table is a small table that is highly portable and functional. While the design owes much to that of a classic tray table, Trayo offers more uses and is made with different, customizable materials – metal that contrasts with the wood’s warm round shapes. Trayo by Karl Andersson&Söner

Trayo by Karl Andersson&Söner

Part design Pettersson Rudberg
Part shelf was born of an exercise in geometric sketching. The aim was to create decorative patterns by using a few basic shapes and components. The modular concept ensures that Part works just as well as a stand-alone unit as it does covering an entire wall or room. Part by Karl Andersson&Söner

Part by Karl Andersson&Söner

Upper design Anton Björsing
The idea behind Upper cabinet is that the top functions as its own framed surface. Upper’s detailing includes mitered corners and gently rounded, solid wood edge strips with standing annual rings. An attractively finished rear panel makes the cabinet ideal as a room divider. The doors, which project above the cabinet itself, can be used as handles. Upper by Karl Andersson&Söner

Upper by Karl Andersson&Söner

Lollipop design Malin Lundmark
Malin derived her inspiration for Lollipop, which was introduced in 2014, from the classic coffee-cup saucer – here the table itself becomes the ‘saucer’ for your cup. The outsize ring is a useful handle but also adds to the light-hearted expression of the table. In 2019 the Lollipop series was extended with more new family members, all of which share the same playful personality: a small coffee table, a bar table and planters/bowls of various heights. As before, all the items share a design based on circles and spheres. Lollipop by Karl Andersson&Söner

Lollipop by Karl Andersson&Söner

Kaz design Nils-Ole Zib
The inspiration for Kaz came from a tractor seat, here refined in the form of a stool that combines a contemporary look with timeless functionality. A wooden seat on an underframe of sturdy steel rod gives the stool a minimalistic expression that draws further attention to the wooden seat. Kaz by Karl Andersson&Söner

Kaz by Karl Andersson&Söner

Facile design Nick Flygt / Strategisk Arkitektur
When Nick was tasked with designing a sofa for a combined restaurant and office environment, he wished to keep the same correlation between seat height and the angle of the backrest as a standard chair; but he also minimized the amount of materials used without affecting the sturdiness of the design. The result was Facile. Facile by Karl Andersson&Söner

Facile by Karl Andersson&Söner

Arc design Sanna Lindström
Rounded forms and straight lines contrast and combine in harmony in Arc magazine rack. The wooden disc-shaped front keeps printed matter securely in place and easy to access. Arc is ideal for displaying magazines, brochures and information leaflets, or as a mail rack when two or more are placed side by side.

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