Agorà Brings Life to the City

iGuzzini presents new architectural spotlight designed by Jean-Michel Wilmotte

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09/22/2020 - "The culture of light as an element of social innovation" is the mission of the Italian manufacturer iGuzzini, which has been working with international architects, lighting designers and engineering firms for 60 years to develop innovative and high-performance lighting projects that impressively illuminate architecture and surfaces.
For iGuzzini, light means safe, social and enjoyable places. Light determines the state of mind of people and lets colors and shapes of nature and our build environment shine. For iGuzzini all places become alive through light, extending domestic boundaries in order to construct the living spaces of the future.
The new spotlight Agorà embodies its dual function in its very name. An architectural spotlight created for installation not necessarily in squares as such but in all urban places, or meeting places, in our cities, towns or neighbourhoods. 
Agorà Brings Life to the City 2

The Greek word 'agorà' means to gather, to summon so that Agorà becomes a tool bringing life to cities, offering citizens and people light for meeting and living well while feeling safe in the streets and squares of our cities.
The simple yet highly detailed design by architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte integrates perfectly into architecture and the urban context, almost blending into material thanks to its extremely reduced depth.
Two versions, Agorà Slim with remote power supply and Agorà Compact with built-in power supply, 6 light distributions, from super spot to wide fl ood and the possibility of adapting the luminous flux through a wide range of professional accessories.

Agorà Brings Life to the City 3

Agorà Brings Life to the City 4

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