All the Colors of the Planim Summer

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15/05/2020 - If spring marks the transition to a return to life after the long winter wait, summer is the consecration of life itself. Obviously the bright colors prevail, those that refer in particular to the beaming of the Sun that does not spare itself: yellow above all, especially when it goes on the golden shades, but also secondly the red, which refers to the 'fiery' tones it is no coincidence that we speak, precisely, of 'warm colors', those that arouse a hot climate and temperature, which make us think of beaches and holidays.

It is the colors of the Charme Collection that determine the winning combination for the summer, due to the domination of the alloys of copper, Bronze and Brass, which play on the shades of gold: on the one hand brass, which has green notes, recalls the dawn of the season, whereas a metal like bronze is chromatically the full representation of the hot season as a radiant and dazzling sun on the horizon.

A naturalism of chromatism and essentiality that in Planium not only coincides with the finishes, but also rhymes with dry laying, through its systems designed to avoid the need for glues, putties, silicones and other harmful substances; like AP01 Lay Floor, the fastest ever because it is layed, with cork underlay to ensure sound absorption and reversible adhesion.

Brushed Brass, Beauty is Timeless
Brass, a ductile, resistant, malleable material is born from the union of copper and zinc. Those who choose it want absolute reliability, because this is a metal that evokes classic scenarios, especially in the Interior Design. Its color brings to a timeless richness, which goes far beyond the trends of the moment, and, especially with brushing, it acquires a chromatic character of coldness, despite the golden background color.
All the Colors of the Planim Summer 2

Satin Brass and Brass Cloth. Emotional Reflexes
The warm golden reflections of brass, already iridescent on its own, are superimposed on a refined linear satin finish. The brass cloth, obtained with a double satin finish, is like a fabric that marks an intertwining of thin and orthogonal 'threads', which make the surface more articulated and 'warm', closer to the colors of a sunset.
All the Colors of the Planim Summer 3

Brushed Bronze, the Color of the Sun
For the finest copper alloy, Planium opts for a unique finish, that of brushed bronze, which makes the rooms unusual and sophisticated. Its clear ocher tone, rich in precious light, grants refined elegance and brightness: we are in the height of the summer vigor, with this color that goes back to a 'pagan' classicism, warm in all senses.
All the Colors of the Planim Summer 4


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